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jeff noel


First of all, welcome.

Quick question, because it will help us get started.

Why is common sense so challenging to implement?

Is it because we’re too busy?

Too distracted with other more pressing issues?

And what would happen to our lives if we could make common sense, well, common practice?

What if?

What if we were asked right now, “Are you satisfied with your life?”




Satisfied with our answer?


Anyway, let’s focus back to our future…

So now, try to imagine the wisdom and insights you’d gain if you were hired by a Fortune 50 company.

And that company is also on Barron’s top 10 most respected companies in the world.

And this company trusted (and entrusted) you to speak to a million people.

And in the course of 15 short years, you spoke to one million people.

Pretty astonishing. And yet a certain routine predictability…

You are asked, and you ask…


You gain mastery at answering them.

You get even better at asking them.

Because the better the question, the better the outcome.

And, because this is exactly where we are right here, right now.

Right here…

Most of us find it difficult to ask life’s most important questions.

Right now…

Why is that?

Probably because we either don’t know the answers or the answers scare us.

Sounds a bit too familiar, doesn’t it?

Is that why we’re here?

Doesn’t matter. What matters is that we are part of a minority.

Yes, a minority.

A very distinct group of people searching harder than the majority.

Perhaps we are as few as three percent of the entire civilized population.

That small percentage is okay, and normal, even expected.

There’s a rare opportunity to validate our own unique approach to life, and to contemplate making some additional, simple, life-changing adjustments.

Here’s some of the best, most common sense insight we could ever get to inspire us…

Life is neither a dress rehearsal nor a spectator sport.

We are meant to live – like we mean it!

The other 97% or so will predictably move on in their frenetic, unfocused search for purpose.

But we’re tired of that pace, and, the dead-ends.

Let’s trust we all want what virtually every other Baby Boomer wants – purpose and meaning in our lives.

So then,

…a short, and true, story…

After spending our lives climbing the proverbial corporate ladder and depleting our life savings to become parents, my wife and I realized a blinding flash of the obvious – material things in life didn’t make us happy.

Six months before that milestone 50th birthday, inspired by two best-selling books, I started a small business, for life after the corporate world.

Three months later, our eight-year old son – a second-grader – was curious, “Why does Mrs. Hoback make me read out loud 20 minutes each night?”

Without missing a beat I said, “Because Mrs. Hoback wants you to be a good reader and if you want to be a good reader, you have to read a lot.” It was then that the light bulb went off.

On that fateful 2009 March night, I made a promise.

A promise to write the book I’d put off writing for 30 years.

And so, on April Fool’s day I began a 100-day challenge to “leave a trail” for our young son in case something bad ever happened to me.

And it started as five daily, and different, blogs, one for each of Life’s Big Choices, as I’ve come to call them.

… and then…

Things happen in everyone’s life we never see coming.


That five-a-day blogging didn’t end after 100 days.

What the?

What felt like an insane goal to begin with, feels even crazier – because it’s still going – four+ years later.

(So we’re all wondering, “Why does any of this matter to us?”)

Because in the process it’s morphed into a life-changing mission movement to offer every busy midlife person a chance at a transformational sense of wellness and work life balance.

You’ve got to be kidding, right? How?

Using the ridiculously simple model discovered while desperately attempting to figure out how to become a decent parent.

Trust me on this one, even if you’re thinking…

So what?

Fair question. So what?

So what does this mean to any of us?

Well for starters, it’s so simple, it’s almost dismissible.

We are, after all, at a wise and discerning age.

If it sounds too good to be true…

And yet…

Yet something deep down in our soul is missing.

And if it isn’t missing, then it feels, well, sort of destroyed, or maybe, poisoned.

We’re at a crossroads so to speak.

And the clock is ticking.

Time waits for no one.

No. One.

We know this.


There’s always a but.


No one can make us do anything we don’t want to.

But guaranteed, a year from now we’ll wish we would have started today.



Life has five convincing, simple themes.

No one has ever revealed this common sense model to us.


And yet it’s been available since the dawn of civilization.

You know, common sense wisdom, exposed in practical ways, makes perfect sense.

This brings us back to April Fool’s Day 2009…

So there’s this dad, everyday he writes five different blogs – about life’s five big choices.


They’re generally short, because we’re busy.

They’re generally pithy, because we need the truth.

And of course, questions are held in higher esteem than answers.

Simply because what if we have a brilliant answer to the wrong question?

… pause…

Some of us are driven to help others think, smile, and feel grateful.

And some are driven to help busy people – like us – think differently about work life balance.

So everyone’s now wondering, “What’s the catch?”

There is none.

We see, and we know, because we’ve been around the block…

We begin our transformation when we become crystal clear, for the first time ever, of our life’s purpose.

There is no catch, only an everyday opportunity…

Helping others find similar joy and freedom, as we ourselves have found…

… is simply a gracious way for us to pay it back.

Or pay it forward.

Each day is a gift.

We know this.

To approach each day with anything less than sincere gratitude is selfish.

And we are not selfish.

Not those of us that have read this far.

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