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Disney Leadership Keynote Speaker bio notes

What’s it gonna be in 2015? More of 2014?

Most Executives are buried, and you might be one of them.

Would you partner with a former Disney Leader who is hellbent on helping others put a dent in their Universe?

jeff noel is a two-time Walt Disney Lifetime Achievement Award recipient and (just retired at 55) Disney Institute Keynote speaker – over one million people globally.

Executives and Meeting Planners looking for a breakthrough keynote speaker in 2015 to approach your culture’s vibrancy in a way you’ve never attempted before?

A focused and disciplined way that has worked for decades at Disney.

The perfect keynote serves as a catalyst.

An astonishing catalyst compels people to be brave enough to burn their ships. • 407-538-4341 •

By jeff noel

No male on my Dad's side had lived past 60.