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Do the folks who don’t give a crap what others think ever see their own reflection?

florida wildflowers photos
what a boring photo of an ugly red Florida weed
Florida wildflowers
looks completely different, literally unrelated, from another angle.

Do the folks who don’t give a crap what others think ever see their own reflection? I love Hugh MacLeod’s art, his thinking, and his delivery. Pretty sure sure he doesn’t even know I exist (even after a half dozen times in three years to connect…*grin*).

This is such a cool place to be.

It challenges me to let it go.

It challenges me to still like his art (and amazing insight).

(almost stopped following Hugh’s RRS feed because of his profanity… sure, fudge this and fudge that is colorful, along with all it’s cousins…but really, who has to use them to make a point, or get us to think?)

(without profanity, which is nearly nonexistent now, his observations are brilliant and I look forward to his daily cartoon and insight)

And yet.

And yet there are the occasional posts that seem inappropriate, like this one and this one.

The first one: is it me or is it judgmental? And in writing this, am I judgmental?

Second one: because one says it’s so, it’s so? So if I say balance is not a delusion, then I’m right. Right?

And as Hugh suggests there, if you’ve figured out work life balance, bottle it and sell it. Quickly. And you’ll die a filthy rich person.

I say, die rich without selling anything, especially your soul.

Funny. Heh.

Overall though, getting past these two small blips, this is what I come to expect from Hugh MacLeod’s artistic genius.

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