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World Class Disney Service has five core elements


World Class Service has five core components:


• Keynote speeches can focus on one topic or a combination •


  1. Leadership Excellence: Your leaders drive your employee experience.
  2. Employee Engagement: Your employees drive your customer experience.
  3. Customer Service: Your customer experience becomes your (brand) reputation.
  4. Brand Loyalty: Your reputation is your organization’s most important asset.
  5. Creativity & Innovation: Your continuous improvement at every level is your DNA.


Everyday  •  All day


You rarely get to work with someone who thinks deeper, cares more, works harder or reaches higher. You also rarely find someone who lives to translate Disney’s historic success formula into common sense strategy and tactics any organization, any employee, can use.


• Keynote speeches can focus on one topic or a combination •

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Blog Experimentation

Orlando Professional Speaker LinkedIn accomplishments

Orlando Professional Speaker LinkedIn accomplishments, for posterity, December 10, 2014. About to modify Linkedin and just capturing a moment in time before it is gone forever.


2014 Retired after 30 incredible years with Disney. (Halloween… pretty scary)

2013 First book published on Amazon and Kindle (Thanksgiving Day)

2013 The Walt Disney Legacy Award

2012 – 2014 America’s unheralded work life balance expert.

2009 – 2014 Internet’s only Five-A-Day Blogger (work life balance)

2000 – 2014 Best Daddy in the Universe, as rated by Son (14) and Dog (4).

2011 Huntsman World Senior Games Track & Field, M50 1500, 800

2009 World Championships, Master’s Track & Field, Finland M50 400 meters

2007 – 08 All-American, Masters Track & Field M45 400-meters

2000 Disney’s (original) Lifetime Achievement award – “Partners In Excellence”.

2000 Became a Dad (and overcame disability)

1999 Invited to speak full-time for Disney Institute (15+ years and one-million+ people)

1988 Promoted into Disney Leadership

1982 Solo, cross-country bicycle trek