jeff noel’s Disney Customer Service Basics Will Challenge You

jeff noel’s Disney Customer Service Basics Will Challenge You.

Who pushes you and your organization to do your best work?

Does overwhelm and urgency drive most of your days?

Are you satisfied with your cultural and personal customer service framework?

Do most days feel like you’re playing whack-a-mole on a corporate scale?

If you cleared your calendar from distraction for an entire day, what would you focus on and why?

If you could wave a Magic Wand, it would provide the corporate architecture for building better answers.

Jeff’s four world-class customer service basics provide a brilliantly simple blueprint for better days, better outcomes, and better health – organizationally and personally.


What’s the foundational difference between meeting expectations versus exceeding expecations?

What’s the remarkable difference between knowing your customers versus understanding your customers?

What’s the key to creating employee commitment to freely and willingly giving discretionary effort all day, every day?

What is the hallmark of world-class customer service?

Jeff’s customer service architecture provides the transformational template for organizational and personal vibrancy.

Every employee, at every level, in every company will walk away equipped with catalytic customer service DNA to solve their unsolvables.

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