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Q. Is it true you never planned to speak about Disney after retiring?


A. Yes. Final day at Disney was Halloween 2014 – pretty scary. The phone started ringing as soon as i announced the date. The requests all echoed, “Can you come speak to our group about Disney?”

Struggled with this because for six years i was building the Mid Life Celebration platform. Wrote a book, blogged prolifically, social media, built a network.

Bottomline, Mid Life Celebration has been temporarily shelved. And ironically, it is the story and video below that have provided solace in this decision.


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Steve Jobs and jeff noel put big dreams on hold for good reason.

Many think the iPhone was next after the iPod.

It wasn’t.

The iPad was next, but it got shelved for later, due to unforeseen circumstances – technology that stunned Steve Jobs, in a good way. Steve Jobs personally shares the story in only 75 seconds in the video below.

What does this have to do with jeff?

Many don’t realize that jeff noel never intended to speak about Disney after he retired from Disney on Halloween 2014. For six years prior to retirement, jeff built Mid Life Celebration’s platform to challenge 80-million Baby Boomers to ‘do something great‘ before they die.

But he’s temporarily shelved it.

The video is five minutes, but you can stop watching 75 seconds in because the point will be made.



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