Four World Class Leadership Basics:







Leaders drive the internal, employee culture. No front line employee is driving into work today thinking about how they’ll increase shareholder value. Yet leaders want them to behave as if they owned the business.

Why would any employee consistently do anything extra if they are paid the same whether they do extra or not?

This is the million-dollar problem virtually every leader fails to overcome. And the customer feels it.




Four World Class Organizational Culture Basics:







Employees treat customers in a mirror fashion to the way they are treated by their leaders. This is the biggest cultural dilemma you face everyday.

Use your Human Resource practices (hiring, training, inspiring, valuing) to deliberately operationalize your culture to create a vibrant workplace.

Customers may not comprehend the quality of your product, but they have no problem deciding if you love them, or not. And it’s your front line employee who is remarkable, or not.





Four World Class Customer Service Basics:


The Bullseye

Unifying Goal

360 Analysis

Decision Tree


When your customers interact with your front line staff, your customers are subconsciously deciding whether or not you love them.

If you convince your customers they are loved, they will definitely come back and definitely recommend.

The harsh reality of customer service programs is that they focus on customer satisfaction, which is actually detrimental to your reputation.





Three World Class Brand Loyalty Basics:


Your Promise

Promise Delivery

Connecting Emotionally


Your reputation is your brand. It’s the first thing your customer (or employee) thinks of when they hear or see your name. Customers (and employees) rate products and services as:

  • remarkable
  • good
  • bad

Being ‘good’ (satisfied) is dangerous – to your reputation and to your growth and bottom line.

Brand reputation drives long term profit more than everything else combined.





Four World Class Creativity & Innovation Basics:


Generate Ideas

Select Ideas

Implement Ideas

Leader’s Promise


Create your company “box” and constantly think “inside the box” for the small, incremental, daily improvements. Only think “outside the box” for your once-in-a-decade type game-changing improvements.

Creative ideas are worthless without the cultural wherewithal to implement them. There are a million reasons why creativity dies on the vine. Every one of them is the leader’s fault, not the front line’s.

Innovation drives your brand. Brand (more than everything else combined) drives long term profit.



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