Every person, every company has a culture.


It’s either by default or by design.


The harsh reality is that most cultures are starving for change. Critical, powerful change.


The perfect keynote serves as a catalyst.

No spark. No fire.

No fire. No hope.

No hope. No plan.

But it has to start with a spark.

One of the most admired companies in the world, Disney, makes it look easy.

One of the most balanced Baby Boomers in the world, jeff noel, makes it look easy.

Invisible even to his friends, jeff applies everything he taught at¬†Disney to his personal life and became a Senior Olympian, Sunday School Teacher, Amazon Author, overcame disability, conquered addiction, and became a patient (you can’t teach patience with impatience) Dad.

The opportunity to have a remarkable, balanced, retired Disney ‘insider’ who knows it (literally) better than anyone and can inspire and motivate…

How valuable would that be for you or your client?