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jeff noel claims Work life balance is not impossible, it just feels that way

Yesterday while waiting to give an inspiring keynote speech about world-class service and leadership’s responsibility, a funny sign (left) caught my attention. And then it hit me, I was being funny too… taking the photo (sign on right)…

Clever is as clever does
Clever is as clever does

Just read this Facebook update and wanted to respond, but once again, had to accept that my thinking is not conventional, nor even welcomed. Why? Because after reading this…

Still trying to learn that I can only have one main focus at a time. This week needs to be about work. Next week will be about balance. There will be time for everything else later.

… I wanted to throw up.

Anyone who tells you work life balance is a myth, or impossible, is someone who has not experienced¬†(and likely won’t)¬†the beauty of relentless, disciplined focus on balancing their energy amongst (five) Life’s Big Choices.

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No male on my Dad's side had lived past 60.