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Live Like You Were Dying Is Inspirational, For About Four Minutes

Unfortunately, there is no backup for our life.

It’s that time of year again. New Year’s Eve 2011. A time when many contemplate their accomplishments, struggles, hopes, dreams.

A time when we feel the (fleeting) resolve to attack the new year without making the traditional excuses and missteps we almost always seem to succumb to.


What if we only had six months to live? That would change everything. Wouldn’t it? Not really. Most of us will never have to face our imminent death before it’s time.

But the emotional rush of indomitable will that comes with a certain, close, and undesirable finish line, well, it inspires us. For about four minutes.

Then life distracts us, as it always does.

But what if we could somehow learn to focus on each day?

What if we could be conscious of each precious gift of 24 hours?

And to take the edge off of urgency, and panic, what if we framed up a way for dealing with this that was very doable? Say, 10 years.

How would we begin to live differently if we had the gift of a decade, but no more than that?

Would anything change?


Unless someone, somewhere was a catalyst to help remind us. To help push us. Pull us. Encourage us. Celebrate us.

Well, if you’re serious, I’m here. What I strive to do is what many are looking for.

I’m driven to help Baby Boomers think, smile and be grateful. And to inspire you to “Live, before you die”.

I’m three years into my ten year deadline.

I write five daily, differently-themed blogs about Life’s Big Choices.

You won’t find any sales pitch. By trying to help others, I get the greatest gift possible. Self-growth, self awareness, and peace – that I did my best to be the change I wanted to see in the world.


By jeff noel

No male on my Dad's side had lived past 60.