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Mid Life Celebration wellness is about finding your Boomer greatness. This is exactly what Baby Boomers need to hear. All day. Every day.

So a 12-year old boy, Nathan Sorrell, becomes the big story surrounding the London Olympics. Why? Because getting and staying healthy is an Olympic-sized challenge for all of us.

It’s real simple, you can count on me to provide endless reasons to think about your role in your health. I’ll get you to think, but I’m never gonna get you to slay your pathetic excuses for why you do not exercise.

That’s your job. All day. Everyday.

To apologize for saying your excuses are pathetic would be co-dependent.

How do I know. Because I fight the same enemies as you. Go, find your greatness. And know that jeff noel knows you can do it!

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No male on my Dad's side had lived past 60.