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The Closer I Get To God, The More The Devil Wants A Piece Of Me

Disabled parking at the Florida Mall, Orlando…

Ok, the five main blogs I’ve written everyday for 2+ years have found their Internet place as short and pithy. It resonates with people. All 5 can be easily navigated in under 2 minutes. Not bad for free, a 5-pronged approach to daily balance.

This jeff noel 60 blog and four others, are not known for short & pithy. They will evolve as I evolve. As we all evolve.

Wanted to share this with you though. Earlier today, I Tweeted & Facebook updated the exact message as this blog post title:  The Closer I Get To God, The More The Devil Wants A Piece Of Me.

I see God everywhere. The devil hates it.

A Mid Life Celebration Fan Page friend said:

“We get the target on our backs as soon as we move out of apathy and complacency zone. How great to know that you are an important target — proof that you are on the right track. Peace.”

When you learn to embrace living with a deadline, without knowing the deadline, it allows you to do more, and be more of what you really hope to be.

June 8, 2011 gives jeff noel 8 more years to live out the tag line: What If You Only Had 10 Years Left?

No one will be more inspired about your dreams than you. Never let your memories be bigger than your dreams. Carpe diem (as a battle cry, not a slogan)!