If we could do it on our own, we would.


What if we engaged a remarkable thought partner, insider, artist, and peerless partner?


You want what everyone else wants. Someone you can trust, someone who will tell you what no one else will tell you, someone without ulterior motives, and someone who has seen these cultural ailments before and successfully mitigated them.

So relax… and take a deep breath… and consider this…

How much longer can your employees, your customers, and your business afford to operate like you currently do?

The biggest mistake leaders make after they do two important things – dream big and get there – is figuring out how to stay there.

This is why today is significant… you’ve found (congratulations by the way) a remarkable opportunity to hire someone you’ve almost given up believing exists in the marketplace.

Please indulge yourself for just a few more moments…

Imagine someone who has worked for 39 years on both coasts, including 30 in a world-class, world-famous, Fortune 50 company. Someone with few peers who know, understand, model, lead and teach the most important elements to long-term sustainability.

Picture a person who’s reached early retirement, who’s made enough mistakes to have deep wisdom.

And imagine the successes that have added up. Staggering. Inspiring.

Now they’re on their own.


Oh My Fairy Godmother.

This is a moment.

Isn’t it?

Meeting someone who practices wisdom in a balanced, holistic, wellness regime, you can just tell.

There is no flash, no glamour, no pretense. You can tell that you are onto something different, something special.

If you really want to make deep, meaningful, sustainable change, we can talk.


Remember the notion that sayings only become sayings or cliches if they’re true?

“It’s gonna cost you.”

(you’re smiling now, knowing this is so true) (unless stress is kicking your butt)

A remarkable Keynote Speech is straightforward, $16k plus travel. No additional costs.

In 2015, jeff will be able to take on (less than) a handful of clients for long-term cultural transformation. If you hit it off with jeff and it makes sense for both of you, it would begin like this…

Basically, you’ll want to invest $8k per day to get started – to visit your site.

Three days.

Yes, it’s recommended you commit to three days and here’s why. The first day, people handle you. The second day, they start letting their guard down and the third day you get the truth.



Truth = Trust.

Is there anything more valuable?

From there, you can expect an executive SWOT summary: strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats. The key take-away is an expert proposal for next steps.

You can:

  1. Take that and do it yourself
  2. Hire someone else
  3. Or hire the best expert money can buy

If you make the third choice, 50% of the site visit exploration fee ($12k worth) will be applied to the first round of solutions.

The road to excellence has no finish line. And the best time to start was yesterday. The next best time is now.

(Odds are remarkably high a year from now you’ll wish you had started today.)

Go against the odds. Never let your memories be bigger than your dreams.

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