The Excuse Whisperer wants to share this with you

The Excuse Whisperer wants to share this with you.


Because this is as powerful as those graphic “don’t text and drive” videos, except not as graphic.

This may be the hardest battle – personal terrorism – we have to fight.

Fight to personally win.

You’re in charge of your battle.

You are the CEO of You, Inc.

Heck yeah you are. We all are.

Figure it out.

Be an overcomer. There’s more below the video.



My first book asks 50 powerful questions. They are simple and easy “yes or no” questions.

My life changed when i got 50 yeses.

If you want to invest a couple bucks in a Kindle version of the book or $10 for paperback, go here.


Serious Questions

A heaping dose of get over it

In 2008, Mid Life Celebration’s tag line came to me fairly quickly:

ReThink – RePrioritize – ReCommit

1. Life is good. 2. And life is hard. Use the second one to find the first. Why is this so challenging to do?