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Orlando’s Best Disney Customer Service Speakers

What’s it gonna be in 2015?

More of 2014?

Most Executives are stuck.

And you might be one of them.

Time for transformational change?

No, too busy?

If not now, when?

One year bleeds insidiously into the next.

If not ever, why?

Would you partner with a former Disney Leader who is hellbent on helping you and your organization put a dent in your Universe?

jeff noel is a two-time Walt Disney Lifetime Achievement Award recipient and former Disney Institute Keynote speaker – over one million people globally.

This timely message is for Executives and Meeting Planners looking for a breakthrough keynote speaker in 2015. And to be clear about breakthrough, the platform and messages have been honed from 30 years at Disney – from the chief of staff to the cleaning staff.


With your leaders? Your employees? With customer satisfaction? With profits? With your ability to continuously improve, at everything?

The perfect keynote serves as a catalyst.

(nothing great happens without an astonishing catalyst)

The perfect catalyst compels people to be brave enough to burn their ships.

If not now, when? If not ever, why? • 407-538-4341 •